Gas & Oil Fired Water Tube Steam Boiler

  • introductions of water tube boiler

    Introductions of Water Tube Boiler

    SZS series oil and gas fired boiler is a packaged water tube boiler with double drums and D-type layout. Burning oil and gas, this boiler has lower emission of carbon dioxide, NOx (nitrous oxide), SOx (sulfur dioxide) than coal fuels. As an ideal environmental protection product, it obtains approval from government and factories with high efficiency, low energy consumption and less pollution.

  • high thermal efficiency and obvious energy-saving

    High Thermal Efficiency And Obvious Energy-saving

    (a) Adopting membrane water-cooling wall and gas-tightness inner guard board with totally-enclosed welding structure which ensures a good sealing performance of the furnace wall;

  • technolical parameters

    Technolical Parameters

    Model Rated Evaporation
    Working Pressure
    Fuel Consumption
    Light Oil (kg/h) Natural Gas (Nm3/h)
    SZS2-1.25-Y(Q) 2 2.5 140 172
    SZS10-1.25-Y(Q) 10 1.25 646 806
    SZS15-1.0-YQ 15 1 1043 1209
    SZS20-1.25-Y(Q) 20 1.25 1165 1403
    SZS25-2.45-Y(Q) 25 2.45 1458 1773
    SZS30-1.25-Y(Q) 30 1.25 1718 2092
    SZS35-2.45-Y(Q) 35 2.45 2048 2468
    SZS50-2.45-Y(Q) 50 2.45 3218 3878
    Note: 1. Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the actual drawing.
    2. Here is only a part of products, we can design the specific boilers based on customers’ needs.


Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler

  • descriptions of coal-fired hot water boiler

    Descriptions of Coal-fired Hot Water Boiler

    Sitong SZL series packed water-tube hot-water boiler is the double-cylinder, water-tube assembly, chain grate boiler. Two cylinders are laid at the upper and lower level of boiler longitudinally along The center. Front section of the upper cylinder and water all tubes at sides form The radiant heating surface in the hearth, while the near section and tube nest in The lower cylinder serve as convection heating surface. Coal economizer is installed At the rear of boiler. After some heat of the combustion generated high temperature Fume is absorbed by the hearth, the fume flows to the convection heating surface. Through cooling chamber and exhausts outside through the chimney via coal economizer, Dust collector and drought fan.

  • advantages of our production and service

    Advantages of Our Production and Service

    1).100%safety, running stably, excellent water level and pressure control, fully automatic operation
    2).Boiler running life > 20years.
    3).Good after-sale service. It is free for you to get the damaged spares in warranty period(1 year) if there is any questions. Assure that we can supply you spares in boiler’s all life.
    4).We can arrange engineer to your company for installation and commissioning and training. If you need us at any time, we can send our technicians and prepare in a short time.
    5).Special paint is used after assembly. Paint is particularly used in your climate area, which is anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and color-fastness.