0.8Mpa Coal/Biomass Boiler Manufaturer

  • development of coal/biomass boiler

    Development of Coal/Biomass Boiler

    Energy solutions based on biomass and bio-fuels provide clean and renewable energy for large national and international companies. Green-thinking companies are now using biofuels to mitigate the impact their activities have on the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. This can also generate earnings for your company by saving money on energy costs, and by the sale of carbon credits. Achieve energy independence, get off the Gas Grid, and no longer be at the mercy of the oil markets. Sitong Boiler is a leader in the development of boiler technology and energy management projects through sustainable solutions for renewable energy and energy efficiency by biomass. Sitong Biomass, Gasification and Gasifier Boiler Systems will strengthen your bottom line by reducing, or even eliminating your energy and disposal costs altogether, through the combustion of renewable fuel sources, also known as Biomass

  • coal/biomass fuel thermal oil boiler

    Coal/Biomass Fuel Thermal Oil Boiler

    YLW Coal/Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Safety-Assurance
    YLW Coal/Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler Safety-Assurance
    • Rated power: 1400~12000kw
    • Brief Information:YLW series coal/biomass fired thermic fluid heater is an safe and energy saving boiler, it could get high temperature (350℃) under a low working pressure (0.8 MPa).
    • Working pressure: 0.8Mpa
    • Fuel: coal, biomass, wood chips, rice hull, peanut shell, etc
    • Application: fields Chemical, Plastic, Textile and Food industry, etc
    • Certification: SGS , BV, CCC, ISO

    Company Commitment

    Sitong Boiler provides its clients with the support and expertise necessary to design, fabricate and install complete solid fuel boiler systems, from the fuel storage system thru exhaust gas emission mitigation. Various Boiler designs are suitable for applications to produce high pressure steam or hot water

Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

  • thermal oil boiler  introduction

    Thermal Oil Boiler  Introduction

    Horizontal Oil Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Factory is horizontal quick combustion three return fire tube boiler. This boiler also has high and low water level alarm and automatic protection functions when it occurs extreme low water level, ultrahigh pressure and flameout. The type boiler has the advantages of compact structure, safety and reliability, simple operation, quick installation, low pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

  • product features

    Product Features

    1). Low steel consumption,high air leakage efficient, high coal leakage volume, suitable to burn I II soft coal
    2). Adoption of automatic temperature control function is made to achieve stable heating and precise temperature adjustment.
    3). It adopts perfect running control and safety monitoring device with safety,reliability and easy operation.
    4). Fast temperature rise,high thermal efficiency, With overload capacity at a certain degree to ensure output of boiler

Types of Thermal Oil Boiler

  • thermal oil boiler introduction

    Thermal Oil Boiler Introduction

    Thermal oil boiler is also called “thermal oil heater” or “Organic heat transfer material heater”, fired by natural gas, oil, coal and biomass, with mineral oil or liquid synthetic chemicals as heat transfer medium, using oil circulating pump to make forced circulation, keep at high temperature to meet the needs of industrial production, widely used in textile industry, chemical industry, plastics industry, medical industry, petroleum industry, rubber industry, food industry, paper industry, wood industry, coating industry and so on. One characteristic of thermal oil boiler is it’s easy to get high temperature while the pressure stay low; the other characteristic is you can control the temperature precisely with the help of operation control system and safety monitoring system; another characteristic is it’s convenient for maintenance and low investment cost. Wanda has developped thermal oil boilers for many years, the unique construction of the boiler body not only brings great safety and reliability, but also keeps high efficiency after a long period of operation.

  • therma oil heater benefits

    Therma Oil Heater Benefits

    The choice between a steam system or a thermal fluid system is governed by the process requirements. The range or process temperature is a deciding factor. If the systems required temperature is above the freezing point of water (32° F) and below approximately 350°F, the choice is usually steam. However, if the required temperature is below 32°F or above 350°F, thermal fluid may be a better solution.

Oil and Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

  • introductions of thermal oil boiler

    Introductions of Thermal Oil Boiler

    Oil gas fired Thermal oil boiler is a kind of energy saving heating equipment, it can get a high temperature (around 350℃) under a low working pressure (0.8MPa). The working medium is hot oil, a circulating pump forced hot oil circulating in liquid phrase, and transfer heat to heat user equipment, then return back to the boiler for reheating. The fuel could be both oil and gas, based on the characteristics of fuel, the hot oil boiler could be equipped with different burners.

  • beneficiency of the product

    Beneficiency of The Product

    1.High Quality and Reliable Oil Gas Burner.
    High combustion efficiency and environmental protection.

Thermal Oil Heater Manufacturer-Sitong Boiler

  • what is thermal oil?

    What is Thermal Oil?

    Thermal oils are heat transfer fluids that transfer the heat from one hot source to another process. This could be from a combustion chamber or from any exothermic process. The main application is in fluid phase heat transfer. Thermal oils are available in a wide range of specifications to suit the needs of various processes. Currently available thermal oils have a maximum temperature limit of around 400 °C. There are Thermal oils that are in use in Cryogenic fields up to -100 °C.

  • advantages of thermal oil heater

    Advantages of Thermal Oil Heater

    The reason why thermal oil heating becomes more and more used, are mainly related to these features and arguments: